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About Us

What happens when there is a will despite existing obstacles? What happens when you know the way to a sating end but are constantly inundated by fallacies? What can happen in a fast-market when you have an ingenious tool to help you tap the boom?

Our Story

Those were the questions we asked ourselves in the beginning. We are a team of fully verified, vetted, and experienced developers, statisticians, and traders who have had a front-row seat to Bitcoin and crypto growth from infancy to the massive industry it is today.

We have seen the crypto boom and a lot of positive development through the years but remain adamant that the solutions presented weren’t perfect for the average investor trader. The kind of trader who simply wants to make money but can’t do it because of the barriers deliberately installed to pour cold water on their legitimate ambitions.

To roll out this timely and equalizing solution, we embarked on a journey that took us several months to actualize. We encountered problems, but we eased past them because we believed in what we were doing.

A combination of grit and determination meant that the result would be good for everyone. A level ground with a low entry barrier to making everyone rich by capitalizing on the volatile nature of Bitcoin and crypto.

The first iteration of Bitcoin Rush was a success, reflecting everything that we had aspired to. The trading software testnet worked as designed by our successful traders. It was a moment of elation, and a feeling of intense satisfaction, knowing very well that Bitcoin Rush would change lives and make ambitious traders rich.

The success of Bitcoin Rush gives us the energy to continue going. With every testimonial and update, Bitcoin Rush is not only further optimized but is made better, faster, and sharper. These are requisite attributes every crypto and Bitcoin trading software should be armed with, and we got that covered.

Our Trading Software

Understandably, investment of any form demands discipline, sacrifice, and a well laid out plan to execute perfectly.

The stakes are high because it can take a toll on one’s finances. To level the playing field and ensure everyone—regardless of location is comfortable, we made our system accommodative with minimum hoops.

To get a test of an agile and profitable system, we made sure registration is straight forward. And it doesn’t end there. Traders will be required to invest a minimum of only $250 to trade several cryptocurrencies supported by our easy to use trading software.

This way, we are keen on building a secure platform that is highly reliable, cheap, secure, and profitable. At the same time, we want to assure traders that while crypto is lucrative, every good thing takes time.

Being rich will demand determination and discipline. This is why you will be in control, and our Bitcoin and crypto trading bot will function depending on how you command them without us heaping pressure by imposing extra fees or hidden charges. Profits will be yours and yours alone.

Our Goals

Advising our mission statement will be our unwavering goal of continuously improving and updating our Bitcoin Rush trading software to adapt to the ever-changing trading environment. Traders are free to join, and Bitcoin Rush is where you can, every day of the week for a safe, easy, cheap, and fulfilling Bitcoin and crypto trading experience.