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Bitcoin rush

The Official Bitcoin Rush App

On the highway to great wealth, the least you could do is find yourself the right tools, environment, and facilitators. It is especially important in crypto and Bitcoin trading. The trading scene is volatile, fast-paced, and not for the faint-hearted.

Bitcoin Rush aims to be the perfect launchpad for your success. It is the perfect trading software made by winners for winners. And this is where you come in. You probably want to get rich and change your financial trajectory. The only way is up like a space shuttle at liftoff. You have the will, and we have the keys to forever transform your finances. Where people see obstacles, we see opportunity. Amid the “clutter” and haphazardness of price action, we see millions. We are ready to take you there.

In the path to your glorious and comfortable future, we are your perfect partner. We are the elusive reliable companion. Our easy-to-use, state-of-the-art trading software is fine-tuned by experts with years of experience in statistics, trading, human psychology, purposefully to serve your trading needs.

After months of experimentation and success, we have a cryptocurrency and Bitcoin trading software in our hands that has changed the lives of over a dozen traders. There are testimonials of how fortunes were shaped and lives forever changed.

The common theme is people going from walking on a financial tightrope to one of largess and exhibition of wealth. The dream of owning fast cars and a picturesque vacation at your favorite beach is now with reach. All you need is to let your money work for you.

Why Join Us

All this was possible because of our special approach to a fast-changing, fluid, and notoriously hard to crack crypto market. On one hand, we wanted to have a human touch and on the other, we wanted you to feel the rush.

See the veins pumping, and be in tune with the volatile crypto scene. It is here that we settled for flexibility. Traders who want to work their day jobs and let the machines work on their behalf, tracking the market performance the whole day can deploy our customizable trading algorithms designed, fine-tuned, and availed at no extra costs. One massive advantage of these trading bots is their flexibility and the ability to excise emotions.

Emotions can be a liability if you make the right calls. They can come in the way of efficient execution and leave you disillusioned. We don’t want you to give up and raise the white flag that easy. Our systems are tempered and have successfully shielded thousands of other crypto and Bitcoin traders from the fragilities of their emotions. Like others who made it past this first hurdle, you can. And you will do it with expertise much to the admiration of the trading gurus behind our systems.

Alternatively, you can switch to manual mode and be in the driving seat. In this arrangement, our systems will automatically adjust trading parameters like lot sizes as part of risk management. All this is done to fit your financial goal without straining or worse, making you emotional.

By tailoring positions as part of a grand plan of making you successful, you as a trader who wants to directly participate will further fine-tune your skills as you understand how “true trading” is done. Interestingly, you don’t have to log out or shuffle tabs.

Bitcoin Rush trading app can be downloaded to your mobile or can be used directly on-site at no extra cost. Why charge you and heap extra costs while we understand your needs of being rich, and being rich right now?

Registration and Steps to Start Trading

Overly, Bitcoin Rush is a trading software for you and all types of traders. Bitcoin Rush blends simplicity with agility and the reassurance of security.

Through an easy-to-use, intuitive trading app, you can be comfortable enough to make money and join the exclusive millionaires club as you tap, and drain all opportunities presented by the booming, multi-billion, and exciting crypto world.

You absolutely have every reason to join. Here is how you can begin making money from Bitcoin Rush:

register. It is free. Gratis. Head out to our homepage. There, you will be asked to submit your full name, your email address, and a phone number. Thereafter, your personal account manager will get in touch, guide you through the steps. Once satisfied with the process, deposit funds.
deposit funds. Here, it is about accommodation. We care about our customers and want everyone to tap and profit from the crypto boom. Only a minimum of $250 is required to get started. You can deposit $1,000 if you are in the position to. It doesn’t matter. But $250 is the least and an amount reached by the team to better position you to return a decent return on investment from your crypto trading activities.
begin trading. You will have access to all trading tools provided by the trading applications. Meaning, right off the bat, you can begin trading like a pro and make money every day of the week.

Our Technology: The Crypto Trading Software

To thoroughly understand how we differentiate ourselves from the rest, check out our main features:

Performance: the hallmark of any technological advancement is better performance. Efficiency is the name of the game.

What beats superior performance? Only but hard numbers differentiate fakes from real, original work. Our execution speeds and accuracy are unmatched. We are confident of this and this is why traders from all over the world continue to pour their hard-earned cash to our platform. Our in-house trading software has an accuracy of over 99 percent, a rate that only guarantees success and confidence. With this, traders are such that they will multiply their initial deposit by several folds once they start trading with Bitcoin Rush.

Software: talking of innovation, Bitcoin Rush embodies the mind of an experienced crypto trader. But we also digress a little bit. Understandably, there is the scientific element to trading that why trading algorithms are guided by researched and back-tested logic. On the other hand, we wanted our proprietary software to be attractive. As such, Bitcoin Rush software is a masterpiece, a piece of art that is so easy to use while concurrently keeping you ahead of the game because of its superior execution speeds. In every instance, Bitcoin Rush will process transactions 0.01 seconds ahead without slippage benefiting day traders scrapping for every dollar.

Security: Crypto trading is all about security. Billions of user funds have been lost by many crypto exchanges. With hindsight, we are building a system, so secure with advanced encryption suitable for all traders regardless of their trading experience. We work with partners but even third parties stand no chance of infiltrating this system and gaining access to your private data because all financial records—including names, are encrypted, cordoning off malicious third-party elements. Besides, you only need to deposit USD, not BTC or crypto—which are honestly delicate to keep, relieving you of the pressure of securing your private keys while being able to trade crypto pairs every day of the week.


Trevor Steven from Australia: “The best decision of my life was joining Bitcoin Rush when it first launched. Two years down the line and my finances are way better. I live comfortably and last year, I made two round trips around the globe from my profits.”

Sheriff McMann from New Zealand: “I remember a time I was frustrated by customer care of my then broker. With Bitcoin Rush that is a thing of a past. Their agents are courteous, polite, and helpful. Everything has so far been smooth. I love making money with Bitcoin Rush.”

Hannah Thunderman from Wales: “Trading is one thing. Making money is another. The level of flexibility offered by Bitcoin Rush is miles ahead of the competition. When I’m off work, I trade manually, but most of the time, their trading algorithms handle the heavy lifting. I’m near my second milestone of making $20,000 from crypto trading alone!”

Oliver Trent from South Africa: “Two years ago, I was a mess. With mortgage and credit card bills, I was in tatters. Bitcoin Rush came as a chance. It was an accident to be honest. But glad I registered and sunk in $250, which I scrapped to earn. Now, I’m $70,000 in. No words!”

Arnold White from England: “Being financially independent is all I wanted from an early age, and what Bitcoin Rush is doing is helping me accomplish my dream. It’s amazing how their software works; beautifully designed. An indispensable aid to yank you out of the clutches of debt. At 25 years, I’m happy, rich, content, and inching closer to the millionaires’ club.”

Our Advantages

Registering and funding your trading accounts opens up tons of opportunities absent in other trading platforms. Some of them include:

Access to a free trading software: There are no download fees or any form of hidden charges as a “pass” to use the software. Register, deposit, and trade straight from your desktop or mobile with no need of downloading heavy software. Easy peasy.

Easy authentication: All that is needed during registration is little necessary data like full names, email, and payment details—for deposits/withdrawing profits. Over time, we have been optimizing processes and the rapidity of client authentication was no exception.

Trading success and diversity: We offer over 20 crypto trading pairs meaning a trader can create strategies around certain high volume and liquid pairs for their profiting. Further pushing a trader towards money territory is the fast execution speed of our proprietary software clocked at over 99 percent.

Customer care: Crypto trading goes on every day of the week. This is why our customer care support agents are also available every day of the week. They are fully trained, working for your satisfaction and a better experience.


  • The cryptocurrency market is one of the fastest-growing in the world. Although at their early stages, the market is attractive and volatile. Its volatility is attracting traders from all over the world keen on making money.
  • You will be trading crypto CFDs. This means that instead of worrying about how to safe-keep your private keys, you will be making money only by tracking price fluctuations of Bitcoin and other crypto pairs. CFDs are the safest way for handling cryptocurrencies and that’s why we made this available to all our traders.
  • Yes. We are regulated and compliant with applicable rules imposed by the regulator. Traders from all over the world are free to deposit and trade using our proprietary software.
  • Yes. We are not parading scams or in no way promoting fake trading software. We are a legitimate legal entity, keen on enhancing customer experience and one means of achieving that is by complying with laws.
  • Absolutely. We integrate the best security and encryption measures to keep your hard-earned cash safe. All our partners are certified secure. Over above this, all personal information is encrypted in one robust, fool-proof system.
  • No. At the moment, we only allow our clients to profit from the price movement of cryptocurrencies but don’t accept deposits in BTC or in any other cryptocurrencies. Based on long history and experience, over time, our clients prefer to transact using the USD. We factored in their preference and we now only accept fiat deposits.
  • There is no joining, deposit, or commission fee when trading with Bitcoin Rush. We only charge based on spreads which is the difference between the bid and ask prices when trading any crypto pair. We are transparent and don’t impose any hidden charges on our esteemed clients.
  • Behind our successful trading software is a dedicated team drawn from the trading world and statistics. Combined, the team’s experience is over 40 years. All those years, they have been perfecting their skills and are now merging all their expertise so that you can make money do the work for you, freeing your time.